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Perfect Real Action Paintball

[USA]RAP4 and RAP5 Care / Maintenance / Rebuild Kit

Product Name: RAP4 and RAP5 Care / Maintenance / Rebuild Kit SKU: 000232 UPC: 844596001306 Location: Z021-CARE-RAP4 Price: $30.00 This package contains all the parts to rebuild the RAP4 and RAP5. Care Kit includes the following items: 4110 x 2 4111A x 2 4113 x 2 4133 x 2 4140 x 1 4142A x 1 4143A x 1 4152A x 1 4187 x 1 Q9202 x 1[...]


[USA]Infiltrate, Destroy, and Win - With RAP4's T68 Infiltrator!

Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the T68 Infiltrator, the very essence of sophistication for the modern woodsballer. RAP4 built this special marker from the ground up with the most refined technology and latest accessories to give you a select-fire marker with the accuracy you demand, the ergonomics you want, the flexibility of the SplitFire feeding system, and a look that is all business.[...]


[USA]T68 Paintball Gun F.I.R Military Style M203 Grenade Launcher

The T68 F.I.R. marker is built from the renowned T68 receiver, and comes standard with the Military Style M203 Grenade Launcher. To build a T68 F.I.R., our engineers attach a collapsible folding stock that provides a solid shoulder mount and adjustable length of pull for comfort in all positions, thread in a 14” Rifled Barrel for superior accuracy…and then attach the Military Style M203 Grenade Launcher. The launcher enables you to “blow” a base, “neutralize” a tank, or eliminate a[...]


[USA]T68 Matador Kit with Marker Package

The T68 Matador is the ultimate CQB configuration when you need a paintball marker that exactly reproduces the look, feel, and balance of the M4 Carbine…with upgrades even the military considers custom! Check out the Matador Handguard, which gives you two full-length RIS rails molded into your choice of black, olive, or earth brown handguards. Engineered with a distinctive modular design, the Matador Handguard features two break-free panels that conceal additional half-length RIS rails. The covers[...]


[USA]T68 Special Edition

These T68 Special Edition are built to get you right into the action. Each unit comes with the internal flexi-air already installed. All you need to attach your air and get into the game. T68 markers are all metal construction and comes with a 5 year warranty from defects in manufacturing or material - one of the longest product warranties you'll find in the industry. T68 Special Edition is limited in supply, these units will only be available while supplies last. Alpha: Hopper Fed Bravo:[...]